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4 Plants that Can Be Grown Indoors or Outdoors


Climate often affects the choices made when planting a garden. You may choose not to plant anything that survive in the cold, or you might avoid plants that are supposed to return the following spring, choosing to replant every year. But there are other options, including finding plants that can be grown indoors or outside. These can be transferred into the house during the months that are too cold or too dry, allowing you a great variety to choose from. Here are four great plants that can grow outdoors or within your home.

Boxwood – While these are meant to weather the storms, a very harsh winter outside could unnecessarily destroy these pretty shrubs. Instead of planting outdoors, dig a trench, and pot them, putting the pots in the trench over the summer and bringing them inside for the winter. They are also easy to care for, needing very little from you.

Fuchsia – Why not brighten up your world during the dull winter? Plant around the hedges in the summer, and bring them indoors before the first frost to save them through the cold. Be sure they have enough bright light, and don’t worry if they don’t flower for part of the winter – this is just a brief hibernation period for them. They’ll come back!

Lettuce and Herbs – Sure, it makes sense to keep a full vegetable garden outdoors and cultivate much of your own fresh vegetation. But you can also grow herbs and lettuce indoors They are pretty greens to have around, and in the temperate indoor space, they will produce year round for you. Keep in mind that lettuce needs a decent amount of space to flourish, and herbs need a great deal of sunlight. Place them in a west or north facing window for best results.

Jasmine – The creeping vine can climb outdoors or run along a windowsill indoors, and it has beautiful white flowers throughout the spring and summer months. Bringing it indoors after summer’s end can extend the flowering season. In addition, you get a lovely natural fragrance from the plant that is pleasant both in your garden and inside your home.

There are other options as well, but these are a great place to start if you want to have a larger range of options for planting in your garden with a variety of flower or greenery that doesn’t have to die in the cold months. Choose plants that can be cultivated in a multitude of environments like these, and be versatile. Petunias and begonias are also indoor-outdoor plants you may want to incorporate into your world. You may find having plants you can keep indoors through the winter brighten your life!


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