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6 Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy


Does your lawn look more yellow than green? Do you find you’re constantly moving pots around the garden to cover bald spots?

We all covet a green, luscious lawn and envy anyone who has managed to achieve this seemingly impossible feat. In a smaller garden, quality is everything as in a compact space any defects show up.  

But keeping your lawn healthy isn’t as hard as it seems. You can use the aid of fertilizers and amendments along with these easy tips. With just a few simple steps, you can bring your lacklustre lawn back to life.

We’ve put together some simple tips to show you how you can keep your lawn healthy.


  1. Change how much you cut to suit different seasons

If you haven’t cut your grass all winter, don’t steam in and hack it all down as short as it can go. Leave it a little longer than you normally would to allow the grass to adjust while also getting rid of the dead shoots. In the summer, leave your grass around two inches long and then cut it back to about half an inch just before the winter sets in again.


  1. Make sure your blade is sharp

Cutting grass with a dull lawnmower blade can damage the grass and make it turn yellow. This means you will be stuck trying to use fertiliser or chemicals to bring your damaged grass back to good quality. Sharpen your blade regularly and try to avoid using it in areas where there are stones or rocks as this will dull it quickly.


  1. Be generous with the watering can

Grass is really thirsty so making sure it gets enough water (without totally waterlogging your lawn!) is a great way to keep it healthy. You should give your grass a through watering every three days but this depends on the type of soil you have. Clay areas won’t need as much water as sandy soil for example.


  1. Water in the morning – not in the evening

The best time to treat your grass to a good soaking is first thing in the morning. This gives your lawn time to dry out before the cold of the night which helps to stave off diseases from mould.


  1. Don’t cut your lawn in the wet

Always cut your grass while it is dry, if you take a lawnmower to it while it is wet you can cause damage to the grass as well as create ruts in the soil itself.


  1. Put some air into your lawn

Grass needs oxygen as well as water and by aerating your lawn (removing small amounts of soil) you can improve the overall quality of your lawn. You can rent a gas powered aerator at most garden centres or DIY stores. This will give the grass space to grow strong roots and stay healthy no matter what mother nature throws at it!


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