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Evolution of a New Garden!

It’s time to share the story of my front yard, small as it is. I often find myself saying to people these days as they arriving at or leaving my home, “isn’t that amazing”!  I’m not often taken to bragging but am somewhat amazed myself, as I often am when wonder at the ability of plants to grow, bloom and do what they do. The pictures on the right tell the story.  The second picture with the daffodils blooming is early in the spring, showing there was not too much else happening.  That was a big improvement from the year before when this area was mostly a gravel pit with exposed irrigation pipes; the people who lived here before weren’t gardeners.  Only the deep purple lilac on the left was there to begin with; I had just planted a weeping birch in the rear right side.I set out to make something more of this area, get a couple more trees to set the tone and then fill in with annuals and other ornamentals. I wasn’t completely sure where I was going with it, but wow! I got so much more than I expected. After I remark on how amazing this all is, I often add, “it really is the [GPN] soils.” They are remarkable. A good portion of this area was filled in with Green Planet Naturals Compost with Pumice. However, I used All Purpose Potting Soil, Premium Potting Soil for the flowers (with mycorrhizae), and Acidic Planting Mix for the conifers as I filled in the holes when planting. Then, everything gets fed every 2-3 weeks with Worm Castings.

I used flowering annuals to fill in as I wait for the ornamental trees – Weeping Birch, Weeping Norway Spruce, and Weeping Atlas Cedar as well as several Goodwin Creek Lavenders to grow up. And to my ‘best’ friends that comment often on my moving things around now and again, “this is why!”  The proof is in the pudding so to speak, or in this case in the soils! Of course, light, water, and care contribute.

So here it is today!  I delight in watering this mostly daily. Here in Southern Oregon it likes to stay in the mid to high 90’s, and above, most of July and August with little to no precipitation.

In 2-3 years this will be a mostly drought tolerant garden in years I choose not to plant many flowering annuals. 

Linda Brown


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