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8 Pretty Purple Flowers for Your Garden


If you want to add some colour to your garden, why not go bold and pick purple? This royal colour will add a sophisticated touch to any garden – big or small.

But what are the best purple flowers and how can you make sure they thrive? We’ve put together a list of some of the prettiest, sweetest smelling blooms to create a colourful display in your backyard. And with the right soil, you can plant any of these.

  1. Verbena

This striking plant will give you flowers through the whole summer making sure your garden is always full of colour. The stems grow to about 18 inches and they will need to be in a sunny spot to thrive. Verbena should be kept well watered to make sure you get the most from your blooms.


  1. Dwarf iris

These tiny flowers are a cute addition to any garden. Growing from two to up to 12 inches high, the flowers are a bold colour which stand out well in a hanging basket or even a flowerbed. They need to be in full sun and the flowers come out through the winter so they are best matched with other purple flowers that bloom at different times to make sure your garden is full of purple all year round.


  1. Lavender

For a purple, bee friendly flower that will also fill your garden with a gorgeous scent look no further than lavender.  The bright blooms sit alongside a greyish foliage which just serves to make the colour seem all the more vibrant. It grows from one to four feet tall and is covered in tiny flowers all the year round as it is an evergreen.


  1. Pansies

Pansies come in a huge range of colours but the purple pansy will brighten up any spring display. This flower is short lived but what it lacks in shelf life it more than makes up for in colour. It likes being in the sun but can survive colder temperatures making it perfect for changeable climates.


  1. Clematis

This huge plant can grow up to 30ft and gives you tonnes of beautiful blooms. It needs a sheltered space to really grow but once it has taken root it will quickly take hold and thrive.


  1. Allium

Bold Allium is a very adaptable plant that even the worst gardener could grow. Flowers will appear all through spring and right up to the start of winter so you can rest assured of a pretty purple display for most of the year.


  1. Heliotrope

This flower not only has an attractive colour, but it also has a vanilla like perfume. Flowering is at its best through the height of summer when these plants can grow to a huge three feet tall. It needs to be in full sun but you can put it in pots or directly into flowerbeds depending on where the light falls in your garden.


  1. Purple Bee Balm

This attractively-named plant is actually a favourite for attracting hummingbirds and will give you bright purple flowers all through the summer. Put it in a partially shaded area and watch it spring to life.


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