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9 Awesome Plants to Make Your House Smell Good


Your house should be a safe, relaxing place for you to come home to. It should be comfortable and warm and inviting. This also means that it should smell nice. You can make your house smell good by incorporating plants in the interior. What types of plants should you have? Read on to find out!

  1. Lavender

Lavender is a well-known stress reliever. Place a few blossoms in your home to help you forget about the worries of your day. It is usually light purple in color.

  1. Mint

This is a herb that can be grown indoors or outside. It can be grown inside if it is placed near indirect sunlight. Have it in a container that can drain the moisture away.

  1. Scented Geraniums

These flowers are bright and colorful. They provide a nice decoration for the home, while smelling nice as well.

  1. Jasmine

Jasmine can stand up to four hours per day of direct sunlight. They should be placed in a room that has good air circulation.

  1. Orange Jessamine

If you like the smell of citrus, this may be a good plant to have in your house. They will bloom year-round if they are taken care of properly.

  1. Basil

This is a nice herb because it is useful and it smells good. They can be grown in a pot on the windowsill, or moved onto the patio in the summer. Make sure to cut off buds when you see them, because basil will die when it flowers.

  1. Sharry Baby

This is a type of orchid that can be grown inside. Make sure that you are stay aware of when their growing season starts. They will need to be watered every day or every other day.

  1. Gardenia

A small plant like the gardenia can still have a powerfully sweet smell. It does take a bit of extra effort to raise this plant, so make sure that you review all its requirements.

  1. Primrose

These small and delicate flowers will light up the room with bursts of color. They will bloom throughout the spring and summer, filling your house with their sweet scent. They enjoy being placed near the sunlight, and only need watering when the soil goes dry.

Flowers make a great addition to your home. When they are placed indoors, you can admire them all year round. Their bright colors light up the room, while the sweet smells fill the air. Choose a flower that appeals to you, and your particular taste. You will be smelling it for a long time, so make sure that it is not too strong!


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