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Best Plants for a Wildflower Garden


If you live in the countryside (or even if you don’t) you might long for a wild, untamed garden. Stepping into a country meadow and seeing scores of different wildflowers springing up randomly across the grass is a beautiful sight.

But what are the best wildflowers to grow in your garden and why should you choose them over row of perennials and carefully cultivated shrubs?

We’ve put together a guide to help you create your very own wildflower garden.

Why should you grow wildflowers in your back garden?

Many wildflowers are often overlooked in favour of the greenhouse-grown and perfectly manicured flowers we know and love. But the natural beauty of a wildflower is more important than you think.

As they’ve fallen out of favour with gardeners, and with more and more green land being built on, several species of wildflower have actually disappeared and been lost for good.

They are vital for bees and other wildlife as well as reducing greenhouse gases and helping the environment.

Aside from all of that, they’re some of the most beautiful blooms you can find!

Which plants to choose?

The great thing about wildflowers is they are strong, hardly little plants that can easily thrive in even the most difficult of conditions. So if you’ve got clay soil or your garden doesn’t get much sun, don’t let that put you off from growing some of these gorgeous flowers.

Primrose is one of the most classic wildflowers with a pale yellow petal and delicate look that will fit in almost any garden. Plant them under an evergreen shrub or in borders and they will flourish.

Have you ever walked through woodland and been met with a carpet of bluebells? A more magical flower you cannot find with its deep blue petals and nodding head. These flowers are so easy to grow and spread like wildfire! Why not section off an area of your garden with tall hedges and create your own bluebell filled clearing? They do well in shade so if your garden lacks a lot of sunlight they are also a good plant to choose.

The unusual foxglove is a pink bell-shaped flower which grows wonderfully tall. They looks stunning growing up against a white cottage wall or  dark fence and will do the best in a border or next to a hedge.

And daisies are a sure favourite. While some gardeners pull them from their lawns believing them to be a pest, why not leave them to flourish and create a soft white and yellow carpet across your backyard? Oxeye daisies last the longest and do best in full sunlight.

Another plant for a shady garden is the snowdrop. These tough little flowers have been seen as the sign Spring has arrived for centuries. They peek out in late winter and are often the first flowers of the new year – despite the frost!

So what are you waiting for? Rather than spending your time trying to buy in plants from garden centres, just look at the natural beauty of native wildflowers and let your imagination run riot!


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