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Best Plants for Hanging Baskets


Do you want to festoon your garden walls with hanging baskets but don’t know which plants will look the best? Are you longing for that country cottage look with beautiful plants trailing down from wicker baskets?

Hanging baskets are a brilliant way to not only save space in a small garden but to add colour to your overall design. Hanging baskets can also be used to disguise pipes or hide old, crumbling walls – giving a new lease of life to tired gardens.

We’ve put together some of the best plants to put in your hanging baskets to make sure you get a colourful display which will really give your garden the wow factor.


This is an easy to grow, low maintenance flower which can survive with minimal watering. It will add beautiful colours to your garden from summer and autumn as this plant benefits from a longer bloom time than most.

The best variety to choose for a hanging basket is the kind that trails and will add a brilliant extra layer to your garden design as it draws the eye upward.

Lantana is also a popular flower for wildlife and you could see more butterflies and hummingbirds visiting your garden if you plant this flower.

It is best planted in the spring in acidic soil and Lantana grows best in full sunlight so think about this when hanging your baskets.


This riotous explosion of colour will stay in bloom from mid-summer until temperatures drop below freezing. The most common variety comes in a blue or violet colour but it is also available in white, red or pink.

It grows from around five inches tall to as big as three feet and will add height to your hanging basket display.

Lobelia does best in the sun but it can also be grown in the shade. They need moist soil but once it has been planted and watered in it doesn’t need much maintenance.


Another great addition to any hanging basket is Begonias. These tropical looking plants are a deep orange colour and look similar to roses. There are more than 10,000 types of Begonia and while they come from hot climates they are able to tolerate most countries. They grow to a maximum of nine inches which means they can protrude out over the sides of hanging baskets.

Begonias do need hot, sunny weather and should be brought inside if the temperatures drop as they can be killed very easily by frost. They need to be watered very regularly and the soil cannot be allowed to dry out.


The bright pink of fuchsia is stunning and will add colour to any hanging basket. These temperamental plants are hard to grow however and need to be kept in a partially shaded area as they don’t fare well in hot temperatures. Watering must be kept to a level that keeps the soil moist but not too wet so as fungus can grow.


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