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Challenging Indoor Plants to Grow


Seasoned gardeners know all the tricks of the trade. They are the ones who coax life out of plants that had been given up for lost. They have the ability to create a beautiful, thriving garden year after year. These are also the types of people who have the potential to raise plants that are very difficult to grow. Let’s take a look at some of these challenging plants that most of us will not have growing in our homes.


This is a plant that is as difficult to grow as it is to pronounce. Ctenanthe has large, dark green leaves, which are well known for having a particular pattern. This plant is extremely finicky when it comes to its living conditions. Not enough sunlight will hide the distinctive patterns on the leaves. However, too much sunlight will fade the colour of the leaves. As if this was not enough to remember, this plant also has very specific watering and temperature requirements. Before attempting to raise this plant, you should ensure that you are ready to take on the responsibility that will come with it.


Growing your own herbs can be fun and beneficial. When they are ready to harvest, you can use them to naturally spice up your cooking. However, basil can be tricky because of the amount of light that it needs. If you are growing basil in the house, you need to place it in direct sunlight for at least six hours every single day. Otherwise, it will not thrive and grow.

Banana Plant

If you do not live in a certain type of climate, you will definitely have a hard time getting this plant to grow. Banana plants are tropical, and therefore require a large amount of humidity. They need the humidity levels in the house to be at 50%. If you own a humidifier, you will have the option of selecting a desired humidity level. However in addition to the humidity, this plant needs at least 12 hours per day of sunlight. It should be placed on a windowsill, so that the sunlight can reach it.


These are cute little plants that can be kept in a small container in your home. Their bright colours will brighten up your home, if you figure out the trick of growing them. Azaleas cannot stand warm temperatures. The maximum temperature that it can withstand is 65 degrees Fahrenheit, or 18 degrees Celsius.   

Raising plants indoors can certainly be a fun and rewarding experience. Not only do you enjoy it, the members of your home can appreciate the beauty that you are adding to it. These indoor plants that we have discussed are some of the trickier ones and not only require lost of care but also proper plant nutrition. If you are willing to take up the challenge of raising them, they will require a lot of care. However, all the work will be worth the final effort in the end, when you can proudly show off your hard work and dedication.


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