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Getting Rid of Weeds Without Chemicals


Do you struggle with weeds in your garden? Does it feel like you’re fighting a losing battle but you really don’t want to resort to harsh chemicals?

Well there is a way to get rid of weeds without resorting to using litres of foul-smelling liquid with unpronounceable ingredients.

Here, we’ve listed a few ways you can rid your garden of these pests without chemicals.

Pull them out (the right way)

This sounds too easy right? But read on! Pulling weeds after a downpour or even after just watering the ground makes it so much easier and it also helps get the whole weed out of the soil – not just the top! Use a trowel or fork to help dislodge the weed from the ground.

Pour boiling water over weeds

This sounds weird but bear with me! Just a tiny bit of boiling water will kills off weeds and make it easier for you to dig them out.

Add in some pots or raised beds

As well as being a pretty feature for any garden, pots or raised beds can make it easier to keep weeds at bay. Use railway sleepers or even scrap wood to create a rustic, country raised bed and then plant with your favourite blooms.

Use topsoil and compost to avoid any weed seeds creeping into your beds and the sectioned off nature of the raised beds will make sure your blooms stay weed free.

Suffocate them

A weed is just like any other plant – it needs air and light to survive. Cover the soil in mulch and it helps to prevent weeds from growing. This is the same principal as using membrane under decking or around ponds to stop weeds growing there.

Salt (very carefully!)

This has to be done very carefully! Use rock salt to cover paths and you’ll see fewer weeds springing up in the cracks. You might salt your paths through winter anyway so carry on doing it through the spring and you’ll see an improvement. Be careful not to get it on any areas you actually want to plant flowers or shrubs though, salt can affect the soil for a long time.


With the point above, this might sound more like a fish and chip recipe than a weed killer! But vinegar has been proven to kills weeds – especially dandelions.

Add more flowers and shrubs

Keep your flowerbeds full of blooming flowers and there is less space for weeds to grow – simple really!

If you can’t beat them, enjoy them

Some weeds are genuinely beautiful, believe me. If you’re fed up fighting them why not let them grow and flower? You might be surprised how nice they look.

Give them to your pets

Got a pet tortoise? Why not? Tortoises absolutely love weeds and will make light work of any dandelions they find in your garden. While it’s not the quickest method of weed removal, it’s definitely good for the environment. Chickens also love pecking at weed roots and even four chickens will make your lawn look green and lush within weeks.


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