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How to Boost Your Mood Using Flowers


Getting up in the morning can be a burden for many people. They would much rather stay in their warm bed than venture into the cool morning air. What if there was a trick to motivate you more in the mornings? What if it was as simple as adding a few flowers to your home? Here's more about how flowers can have a positive impact on your mood. To get started, shop for gardening supplies online at Green Planet Naturals for the best potting soil and other garden materials.

How do flowers affect mood?

Science has conducted studies that have shown a positive connection between flowers and positive moods. After receiving flowers, participants of the study were happier and excited. These benefits lasted into the long-term future. The participants reported having less depression, anxiety, and agitation after having received flowers. When flowers are placed in a room, they brighten the mood of anyone who walks in. The atmosphere becomes more welcoming and open to everyone.

The placement of flowers

So now it has been established that having flowers in the home is beneficial overall. Does it matter where these flowers are placed? It seems that having flowers in the kitchen will negate the effects of the ‘morning slump’ that some people experience. Walking into the kitchen and seeing a bright bouquet of flowers is sure to raise your spirits and give you an extra boost of energy throughout the day. The kitchen is the room where the whole family will typically gather around together to eat and talk. Placing flowers in such an important room is sure to give the whole space a revamped feeling.

Different ways to arrange flowers

If you are focusing your efforts in the kitchen, there are a variety of different places where flowers can be placed. For example, you can have an arrangement on a surface such as the counter or table. In a breakfast nook is also an option if you want to tuck them away a bit. You can use different sized vases and line them up in a row to create a nice design. Choose bright colored flowers that complement each other. You could even select different variations of the same flower to create the atmosphere that you are looking for.

Even though you have to get up and go to work every morning, you do not have to feel down about it all day. The best way to combat the feeling of negativity is to start the day out right. Flowers are a simple way to bring a little bit of cheer into your mood and attitude. You will likely be nicer, more patient, and happier than if you had left the house without coming into contact with flowers. And remember, if you want to prolong the life of your gorgeous plants, be sure to get the best potting soilGreen Planet Naturals also has many gardening supplies online and other garden materials such as fertilizers and amendments and potting soils.


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