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How to Protect Your Garden in the Winter Months


The nights are ending and there’s a definite post-summer chill in the air. And while we might still get a few warmer days, we’re starting to enter the season for warm coats and soup. Winter, here we come.


Winter is the season when gardening can take a back seat. The cold weather and poor light combination enthuse us to chose the indoors over the outdoors, but for those of us who have a garden to protect during the cold snap, how do we make the most out of the time that actually want to spend outside? I’ve got a few tips that I will be using, and maybe you can to.


Firstly, choose what you do with the plants very wisely. If you’re someone who loves a plant or a flower, it might be best to check the label before you go digging up a bed for them in your back garden. Try and make sure anything you want to keep is planted in a plastic pot and is movable ahead of the winter months. Pop these either in a garage or shed, or make use of some of the indoor areas in the main parts of your house. Just be wary of storing them near warm heaters, too!


If you grow vegetables in winter, it’s a good idea to invest in some steady netting. The weather isn’t the only thing your garden may need protection from, it’s birds too. Pigeon and blackbirds are often on the look-out for food, so buying some netting will protect your patch from getting a good pecking when you’re spending a little less time there.


If you haven’t already, make sure you turn over your soil and add nutrients into them to give your plants a good amount of food for the coming cold patch. Adding fertilizer and taking care of the soil itself is key to allowing plants to access exactly what they need to get themselves through the winter months and into the next year. Just make sure you don’t over apply any additives, as this can prove a problem too.


Remember on the milder days (if they ever come!) to keep cutting and tending to the lawn. It’s well worth doing in preparation for the summer months. It will leave you with a greater sense of happiness within your garden patch.


These are just a few little things you can do during the winter months if you’re looking to keep tabs on your garden ready for the spring and summer seasons. Be sure to know the needs of your plants and grass and act on this to get the best results. Good luck!


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