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The Best Flowers to Have in Your Garden

If you are just starting out as a gardener, it might seem a little bit overwhelming at first. You look around at your neighbor’s gardens, and see healthy, beautiful plants. But don’t worry! You can get your garden looking just as nice as theirs, if not nicer. The key is knowing which flowers will grow easily and thrive under your care. Here are some plants that are great for beginnings.


Who doesn’t feel better by seeing a big, happy yellow flower every time they come outside? Sunflowers just need lots of sunlight and love. They can grow in almost any type of soil, and can survive through droughts. Sunflowers should ideally be planted in an area away from other plants. This is because they emit a type of toxin that is detrimental to the growth of other plants.


This colourful flower is most likely the reason that your garden is so popular with the neighborhood butterflies. Zinnias will bloom annually, and grow for one season. Once you have planted your zinnia, you should avoid moving them to a new location. The most common zinnia can grow up to three feet tall!


These cool little flowers can be started out from seed indoors, or outdoors. This type of flower prefers slightly cooler temperatures, and so are planted in either the spring or fall for optimal growth. The soil should be full of nutrients if possible, and they should be given a partial cover from the sunlight.


Impatiens should never be placed in direct sunlight. They will flourish in the shade, if you give them enough water. They are bright and colourful plants, which will light up the shady side of your garden. Regular watering is needed, as these flowers should be kept moist. However, be careful not to over-water them.


Frost is never a good friend to plants. However, snapdragons can withstand colder temperatures. This means that you should start planting these flowers near the end of winter. When the spring comes, you will be rewarded with a burst of colour as they bloom. The flowers should be planted in an area that has full access to the sun. As well, the soil should be well-draining, so as to achieve optimal growth.


We will end our list with the common yellow flower known as the daffodil. These flowers should be planted in the fall, so that they can bloom in the springtime. You might be pleased to hear that deer do not like the taste of daffodils. They will not bother trying to eat your garden if they do not like the taste of the plants that grow in it.

Gardens are one of the things that make the world we live in a little more beautiful. With enough care and love, your plants should easily thrive. Soon your neighbors will be admiring your well-kept garden, and wondering how on earth you manage to maintain it.


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