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The Best Spring Gardening Products

Winter is finally beginning to fade and gardeners everywhere are breaking out their gardening tools and starting to plan on where to plant the tomatoes this year, which section of the garden will be strawberries, and planning meals using squash and cucumbers. Flower gardens are getting started with a fresh new layer of fertilizer. Pansy, daffodil, and tulips will be budding before you know it. Getting ready for gardening in the spring is all about revitalizing the hard soil with nutrient filled fertilizers from Green Planet Naturals. We know getting through the winter without gardening is hard, but now is the time to start thinking about what to plant and what gardening materials to use.

best potting soilVolcanic Pumice

If you have touched or even just seen a pumice stone, you know that it has small holes throughout the stone. When used in gardening, the holes have several different functions and each help your plants to grow healthy and strong. First, the holes serve to help aerate the soil. When air can moving freely through the soil, the oxygen will help improve the health of the surrounding soil, which in turn builds health flowers or vegetables. The air will also help organisms like fungi and bacteria in the soil, which are helpful to the plants. Second, the holes serve to improve the drainage in the soil, as well as retains the moisture. Whether there is too much water, or not enough, when there is volcanic pumice in the soil, it can both help the water drain from the soil and also naturally release the water over time when there is not enough.

Blood Fertilizer

February is a great time to start planting seeds indoors before transplanting them into your garden. Just a little bit of Green Planet Natural’s blood meal fertilizer can go a long way in helping peppers, kale, or broccoli. Blood meal fertilizer provides nitrogen to the soil and our fertilizer uses dried blood. Peppers need about eight to 10 weeks before transplanting and like it fairly hot, so don’t transplant peppers until a few weeks after the last frost. Feeding this fertilizer to kale about a month after transplanting will help provide proper nutrients to the soil. When growing broccoli, blood meal is also a great way to add additional nutrients after transplanting. Other plants to start out as seeds are tomatoes, parsley, thyme, and sage.

garden supply storeWorm Castings

Whether using this to mix in with our best potting soil, or as a layer on top of the soil, worm castings is a natural soil amendment that adds great nutrients into the soil. This natural product is an alternative to synthetic fertilizers and it also contains nitrogen. For a full tomato or fragrant sage, adding this to the soil throughout the season will help growth.

Acidic Planting Mix With Compost

Spring also means it’s time to plant strawberries! This planting mix was made for plants that love acid and wants a lower pH balance. This compost mix will help your roses grow bright as well as tomatoes, strawberries, and blueberries.

Fish Bone Meal

This fertilizer contains high levels of phosphate which will help to grow strong roots, buds, and is even great for tomato plants. Use just a tablespoon for each gallon of soil and with the right amount of phosphate and nitrogen, your fruits and flowers will grow to their fullest.

Spring is a wonderful time for gardening. Getting started in small indoor containers and then transplanting to the garden will give the seeds time to grow. Utilize Green Planet Naturals fertilizers and soil amendments on small balcony gardens as well. Blood meal, volcanic pumice, and worm castings are great natural soil mixes to ensure a healthy, beautiful, and delicious garden.


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