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The Top 4 Rarest Flowers

People are proud of their gardens for different reasons. Some people simply enjoy the beautiful colors and smells that are produced. Others take pride in the fact that they managed to raise finicky plants. And some like the challenge of collecting and raising rare flowers. These plants are not often seen, and are few in number. This article will be outlining the top four rarest flowers.

Parrot’s Beak

It is thought that this orange-colored flower is now almost completely extinct in the wild. The plant was named for its shape, which resembles the curve of a parrot’s beak. In the past, it would have been located on the Canary Islands, and used to be pollinated by a type of bird that can no longer be found there. The loss of this bird may explain the correlating near extinction of the flower. The flower can be manually grown through horticulture for people to own.


This is a plant that is native to Hawaii. When the plant was discovered, there was only three of them that were found. Seeing as this was a difficult flower to propagate, it seemed as though there was no chance of saving it. There was a singular surviving specimen found in the early 1970’s. Unfortunately, this plant was lost in a fire in the late 1970’s. One branch from the last specimen managed to survive, which has now founded 23 different trees placed in various areas of Hawaii.

Ghost Orchid

The ghost orchid is an interesting specimen, because it does not conform to the typical plant norms. It does not use photosynthesis to create food for itself. As well, the ghost orchid does not produce leaves. It depends on a particular fungus, which it uses for nutrients. This flower has the capability to live underground for years, which is why it is difficult to monitor and trace. The stem and flowers are green in color, making them hard to stand out.

Chocolate Cosmos

This native Mexican plant can be dark red or brown in color. It was given its name because it would produce the scent of chocolate after it bloomed. Typically, it would start blooming towards the end of summer, in the evenings. All original specimens are now extinct. However, a clone flower was created in 1902. The flowers that have evolved from the clone are protected by law so as to conserve the faltering race.

This was a small selection of the rarest plants in the world. If you are ever lucky enough to see these plants, congratulations! If you are interested in having unique specimens in your garden, you can inquire about obtaining clones of these rare plants.


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