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Time to Start Seeding!

This is the time of year that gardeners love the most. When it’s finally warming up and spring is in the air, it’s time to start germinating your seeds! Typically around six weeks before the last frost of the year is when most seeds can be started. When starting with seeds rather than young plants, it’s important to start them off right. It’s a good time to start some seeds, but still too early to start others, the right dirt and fertilizer is needed and the right location in your home is necessary to keep them well lit and warm. Gardening is a wonderful way to start the spring season. Follow these tips to make sure your seeds have the greatest chance of becoming plump tomatoes, crunchy peppers, and bright flowers.

What to plant

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There are many herbs and vegetables that can be started indoors and March is a perfect time. Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, lettuce, peas, pepper, and tomatoes all make great indoor container gardening. Keep an eye on any sprouts that come up and if the container is too small, transplant the sprouted seeds into a larger container to allow them to grow more and become stronger before finally planting them outdoors. Depending on the zone you live in, starting seeds can be done anytime during mid-March through the end of April. Timing is important to ensure healthy plants, so don’t move them outdoors too early or you will risk them succumbing to the outdoor weather.

Use Good Dirt

What is essential to a healthy start for seedlings is the right dirt. Green Planet Naturals has Seed Starting Mix with Compost that can be used in small trays or pots. This dirt has all of the ingredients for the seeds to grow healthy. Coco Coir, Sphagnum Peat Moss, Volcanic Pumice, and Compost all make up this seed starting mix to promote healthy roots and stems. Remember to follow the instructions for planting the seeds so that the seeds are at the correct depth in the soil and they are kept moist enough, but not overwatered.

From Trays to Pots

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When the seeds have begun to sprout and need a larger container, transplant them into All-in-One Premium Potting Soil. This soil will allow the seedlings to continue growing strong and healthy. With compost, pumice, peat moss, worm castings, and more, the soil can be used for indoor container gardening, windowsill planters, or garden beds. It is great for starting lettuce, summer squash, and bell pepper seeds.

Keep Them Warm

Even when you have the right gardening supplies, you still need to tend to the seeds and the growing plants. When starting seeds indoors, it is essential that they still receive the right amount of light and warmth. If possible, hang a light above the tray for direct light and heat; if not, keep them in front of a south facing window, or a space that receives a lot of light.

Before Transplanting

As your plants grow, it is important to toughen them up a little before transplanting them outdoors. With wind, rain, and possibly animals, it can be a drastic change for delicate plants moving from indoors to outdoors. Once or twice a day, pet the plants or use a piece of cardboard to gently move the leaves of the plant around. To further help toughen up the plants, about a week before transplanting them to the outdoors, put the trays or pots outdoors for a few hours at a time so they can acclimate to the weather. Let the plants feel the sun and the wind so that they aren’t shocked by the weather. Gradually increase the time spent outside until they are finally planted outdoors.

Gardeners have been waiting long winter months to start germinating seeds. Get the right gardening supplies, materials, and potting soils to ensure strong and healthy plants. Shop for everything you need at our garden supply store.


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