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Top Five Tips for Autumn Gardening


When the summer draws to an end and the autumn is upon us, our gardens can start to look tired as the leaves fall off the trees and the grass doesn’t seem as green. But as tempting as it can be to stop getting outside and doing the gardening, the autumn is the perfect time to prepare your backyard for the changes to come.

But what do you need to do to your garden in the autumn? Are there any tips and tricks to make those first few jobs in the spring easier?

We’ve put together a list of the best things to do in your garden this autumn to make sure your garden is well cared for all year round.

  1. Cut back your hedges

It might seem unusual to cut back your hedge in the autumn but this is actually the best time to do it. Through a damp winter, you could see rot setting in if you don’t get rid of dead branches. Be careful to prune carefully however, if you leave holes they won’t grow back until spring!


  1. Mow the lawn

Make sure the ground is as dry as it can be but mowing your lawn for the last time before winter can make sure it survives the drop in temperature and sunlight. Around the beginning of November is a good time for the last cut of the year and don’t mow it as short as usual because grass will need a little extra length through the winter to soak up as much sunlight as possible.


  1. Take care of your pond and water features

If you have a pond or a water feature, a good time for some maintenance is autumn. You will have enjoyed the water all summer and now it is time to drain ponds and water features and give them a good clean. You should also check pipes and, if you are concerned the water will freeze over, you should stop pumps and dismantle them.


  1. Rake up leaves

Yes it is an annoying task and one we would rather leave. But raking your lawn and clearing away fallen leaves is very important for your grass. If you leave your grass covered in leaves, light will not be able to get through and this will lead to unsightly brown patches all over your lawn. So pick up that rake and get collecting!


  1. Plant some bulbs

You might think planting season is over once October sets in but there are a wide range of plants that can be grown through the autumn and then create an explosion of colour in the spring months. Plant bulbs at a depth of two to three times their size and with the tip facing upwards. Roses are an ideal plant to be grown through the autumn but make sure they are in and established before the first frost. You can also move and transplant through autumn as the wet soil can help plants take root and thrive.



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