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Using Vertical Planters to Optimize Small Spaces


If you love gardening but have a small space, you still have options.  Vertical planters can be used in small spaces to grow many different types of plants. 

There are several varieties of flowers that will do well and look beautiful in vertical planters along a wall or a fence.  There are many types of begonias and all of them thrive in vertical planters.  They add color and beauty to any garden.  If you have a lot of shade against the wall of your house, hostas are a perfect choice as they require a cool climate and not much sunlight.  Hostas will die in the winter but grow back again in the spring.  The Japanese iris is also perfect for a vertical garden as it has lovely cascading leaves. 

If you like trailing plants, the hoya is an Australian trailing plant that is also a great choice for vertical planters.  Orchids also cascade and have exotic flowers making them a nice addition to any garden; they do best in bright light but not direct sunlight. 

For a mat-like plant, baby’s tears is a good choice with its tiny, round, bright green leaves.  This plant thrives in a low spot with low light so is perfect at the base of a vertical garden.  Another nice flower for a vertical garden is bromeliads as they grow really well in small amounts of soil and have long-lasting, colorful flowers.

Ferns come in different varieties – some trail and some form rosettes.  It is nice to use rosette varieties lower down and place some trailing ones closer to the top.  You can also mix and match the different varieties for an interesting visual appeal.

If you are more interested in sustenance than beauty there are also many edible plants that are suitable for vertical gardens.  If your garden will be in the shade you want to choose plants such as mint, Thai basil, and watercress.

If it is partially shady where you are planning to put your vertical planters than the following plants will do well:  lettuce, radishes, chives, basil, and parsley. 

Gardens that will be in the full sun are suited for cherry tomatoes, sage, thyme, spinach, and aloe vera.

You can buy vertical planters but there are many different ways to make them.  Pallets can be used for vertical gardens and succulents work particularly well and are very attractive in a vertical planter made from a pallet.  Many vertical planters are made with inexpensive materials or up-cycled items.  Terra cotta pots painted in nice bright colors and hung along a fence is one idea.  If you would like to try some up-cycling how about using some old gutters that are left over from doing your roofing? 

Have fun creating your vertical garden no matter what you decide to use as planters.  There are so many options and you can create both beauty and wonderful tasting fresh herbs and vegetables all in your own back yard.


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