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What is the Appeal of Gardening?


In this busy world, it is sometimes hard to believe that people have enough time to sit outside in the dirt and put flowers into the ground. Do they enjoy fighting off animals and pests? Or waiting patiently for weeks for a sign of growth? What is the real appeal of gardening, and why do so many people choose to do it for fun?


For food

Although flower gardens are very popular, people have also started growing their own food. If you grow something yourself in your backyard, you know exactly what is happening with your food. For example, you will know that it is natural and free of pesticides. This is not the case when you buy your fruits and vegetables from a store.


For exercise

Exercise is not just working out on those machines at the gym, it comes in all different shapes and sizes. Working in a garden can be hard work. Just by doing commonplace activities such as digging, carrying and moving from one place to another, you can burn a lot of calories. This type of exercise is good because you do not even realize that you are giving your body a workout. You are doing things that you enjoy, and reaping the positive health benefits that come with that.


To brighten up the scenery

Far too often, the view outside people’s homes is bland. They only get to see construction, or the houses of their neighbors. By adding flowers and shrubs to your yard, you are brightening up the look of the area. Cheerful colours can boost people’s moods, so the atmosphere will change to a positive one. As well, adding trees to your yard can provide much needed shade from the sun. This is helpful in the summer months, when the temperatures become uncomfortably warm.


To make money

When gardeners get better at what they do, there is sometimes an opportunity to make money from their work. They can sell their plants at places such as farmer’s markets or local craft shows. As well, knowing how to garden can provide them with opportunities to work outside the home. They can look for jobs in garden centers, or even on farms.


To reduce stress levels

We live in a very fast-paced world. People have to be constantly adapting to keep up with the demands of life. This can put a negative strain on our bodies and our mental health. Sometimes we need an outlet to focus our energy on, something that we really feel good about. Gardening provides some well-needed tranquility from the outside world. We can lose ourselves in the soil and the leaves, and recuperate from a long day at work.


Gardening appeals to people for different reasons. One person might take up the hobby because they love bright colours. Another might start because she wants to grow her own tomatoes. Whatever the reason is, gardening can provide the feeling of stableness to someone who is feeling a bit lost.


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