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Fall Gardening

As the weather begins to cool, it’s time to finish up any summer harvesting and transition into starting fall and winter plants. It’s not impossible to continue growing through the fall and into the winter, but there are challenges and constraints depending on where you live and which direction the windows are facing in your home. But with the right soils, fertilizers, and amendments, you can grow bright flowers and have fresh produce even in cooler months. Shop our garden supply store and you will see that growing food indoors doesn’t just have to be in the spring and summer.

What to Grow

Having fresh flowers to stave off fall and winter blues, and juicy vegetables to add to your fall salads and soups is possible with the right ingredients, including All-In-One Potting Soil and Feather Meal Fertilizer.


  • Peppers are a more challenging vegetable to begin planting in the fall, but designate a warmer spot in your home so you can enjoy this delicious crunchy plant. A window with a heating vent nearby is the perfect location for this vegetable. Try cherry peppers and banana peppers that grow well indoors. They do like their space, though, so use a larger three to five gallon container. Tip: Try growing peppers indoors from sprouts, not seeds.
  • Basil is a wonderful herb to have on hand, especially when making soups for the cooler fall nights. Put your basil container on the window sill near your pepper plants and ensure that they have at least four hours of sunlight each day. Be sure to keep the plant watered as well and use this Blood Meal Fertilizer, which is great for leafy plants. Tip: Snip off flowers to keep the basil from being too bitter.
  • Lettuce couldn’t be a better ingredient to have in your home for making fresh salads. Try growing leaf lettuce or Tom Thumb lettuce in your indoor plant garden. Arugula or swiss chard also make for a great lettuce variety to grow indoors. Tip: Plant these in containers that aren’t any smaller than half a gallon and be sure to keep them in a south-facing window.
  • Garlic is another great addition to any fall cooking, adding some warmth to your dinner. To plant garlic indoors, choose one large head of garlic and break the cloves apart. Plant the cloves in about one inch of potting soil and ensure that the pot receives a lot of sunlight. Garlic required a good amount of water, so be sure to water it daily. Try using this Volcanic Pumice to help aid in the aeration and moisture retention. Tip: Cut off the greens they grow to be about three or four inches tall.


  • Pentas are a star-shaped flower and grow in a variety of colors. This leafy plant with small flowers makes for a beautiful, blooming houseplant.
  • Cyclamen is a traditional houseplant that needs the right temperature to flourish, wanting cool and humid climates. Watering is important when using this flower in your indoor plant garden. Use Volcanic Pumice to help with drainage.
  • Cymbidium Orchid will surely brighten up your home on the gloomy fall days. The flowers on this orchid bloom for up to ten weeks. An advantage of this flower is that it doesn’t require a south-facing wall, an east window is perfect.
  • Flamingo flower is another delightful house plant that has bright red, yellow, or green flowers. This plant likes shade and a warm, humid climate.

Growing food indoors is a wonderful way to have natural growth during the cooler fall months. Whether you are growing vegetables, flowers, or both, lighting and temperature are key to healthy plants. Shop our garden supply store for all of the soils, fertilizers, and amendments that will enhance the growth of your indoor plant garden.